Alabama Hunting Guides – Deer, Turkey, Hog and Wingshooting Hunts

Alabama Hunting Guides provide a wide range of hunting experiences for a variety of native and preserve game. Native game includes Whitetail Deer, Eastern Turkey, Waterfowl, Quail, Dove, Hogs, Coyote, Bobcat and small game such as rabbits and raccoon. Preserve game could be anything from preserve bird (pheasant, quail, chukkar) to big game such as exotic sheep, goats and rams.

To insure you have exactly the type of hunt you want, it is vitally important that you have a clear picture of the services your prospective hunting guide provides. It is important to ask a lot of questions regarding the services they provide and what additional fees you might expect for extra services. Some guides provide a fully guided hunting trip, where the guide is present with the hunter for the duration of the hunt. Most often in Alabama, it is a semi-guided service. The hunter is provided transportation to and from the hunting areas, given a detailed lay of the land, trail cam pictures and then picked up at the end of the day, hopefully with the chore of caring for the trophy taken during the hunt. Most times the guide will assist in tracking, cleaning and transporting the game back to camp. Most hunting guides appreciate a tip when they provide excellent service, so keep that in mind as well.

Ask about the type of communication used during the hunt. Many remote areas may not have good cell service, but that is not a problem if walkie-talkies are used.

In addition to the services the Alabama hunting guide provides, ask about the property features. Has there been quality game management practiced for a substantial amount of time? Are there active food plots? How many acres are available to hunt? Is it farm land, forest, cutovers or a combination? What about water sources for the game? Are there tree stands, blinds or shooting houses to hunt from? Are they single hunters or would two people be comfortable hunting?

Alabama hunting guides will also be familiar with when the best time of year to hunt a particular type of game. For example, the Whitetail Deer Rut occurs at different times of the hunting season, depending upon what part of the state you are hunting. An experienced hunting guide knows exactly when the rut gets active, and what hunting techniques are going to be the most productive. During the rut, many times using calls, rattles and other vocalizations can be highly effective, where early or later in the season, they may just confuse the deer.

Another thing to consider what type of hunt is the guide most proficient in guiding. Many of the Alabama hunting guides featured on the site provide a wide variety of game to hunt, but if you need a great turkey caller, be sure to ask for that service. If you want to hog hunt, find out the type of hog hunts that are legal and productive before you book. For duck hunters, the equipment, land, water, calling skills, trained retrievers all are important benefits.

No matter what type of hunt you want for your next Alabama trip, be sure to ask for information and the pro AL guides will be in touch with details, pictures, available dates and cost breakdown so you will have all your questions answered!