Bear Hunts With Top Guides and Outfitters

Bear Hunts: If you are looking to hunt the fiercely massive Brown Bear, you will have to go to Alaska or a few select areas in Canada, like British Columbia. But Black Bear hunts are available from Maine all the way to California.

Each state and province has established season dates, accepted hunting methods and areas where bear hunts can be conducted, and our bear hunting guides and outfitters are ready and able to assist you in planning bear hunts that meet your budget and schedule!

Brown Bear hunts (Grizzly Bear) are costly hunt because they require remote travel, usually by means of a float plane, tremendous expense to the bear hunting outfitter to gain access to hunting areas, expensive license and tag fees, and maintenance of remote tent camps and staff for guiding and camp meals. Trophy brown bear hunts can start at $ 14,000 and go up, depending on the circumstances.

Black Bear hunts are another matter entirely. Because of the efforts of game conservation and management, black bear populations have steadily improved and black bear hunts across North America have increased as well.

Bear Hunts by Guides and Outfitters:

The assistance of a professional outfitter for Bear Hunts is invaluable to navigate the requirements and regulations of each state or province. Bear Hunting Guides and Outfitters will:

* Have access to prime territory for bear hunts, whether private or public
* Provide transportation to and from the area for bear hunts (ATVs, Trucks, and often times Boats)
* Have recent trail cam photos tracking bear activity
* Have active bait stands (if permitted) to attract and hold the bear
* Have trained bear hunting dogs (if permitted) to tree the bear
* Provide hunting stands over active bear trails and feeding areas
* Provide remote communication system (walkie-talkie or radio) if needed

Have a trained and professional bear hunting guides to meet the needs of hunting guests

Hunting Guides for Bear Hunts:
On occasion, the outfitter is also the bear hunting guide, but most of the time, the guide is on the outfitter’s staff. The guide is the pro that accompanies you during bear hunts. Professional bear hunting guides will:

* Be very knowledgeable about the bear hunting area and terrain
* Know the most successful methods of used and permitted for bear hunt
* Be aware of the movement and activity of the local bear
* Have tracking skills for spot and stalk bear hunts
* If bait stations are used, keep them stocked and well maintained to attract and hold the bear
* If dogs are used, have trained, well-behaved hunting dogs
* Be able to access the true trophy size of the bear at a distance
* Assist in tracking and recovery of the bear once harvested
* Assist in skinning the bear for the type of mount or rug you desire
* Be able to field score the trophy – accurate measurement of skull size for record books

Even though lodges, outfitters and guides play a huge part in the success of bear hunts, it ultimately comes down to the hunter’s skills. Prepare yourself for successful bear hunts by being physically fit and have the weapon of your choice in top condition as well. After travel, you’ll need check you weapon and if necessary, sight it in again.

Because of the bear’s incredible sense of smell, odor control is an absolute must. Follow your bear hunting guides recommendations to prepare for bear hunts, and your hunt is sure to be a hunt of a lifetime!

In planning bear hunts, we encourage hunters to use our Hunting Trip Planner Guide to ensure safe, successful and enjoyable bear hunts.

Bear Hunting Lodges:
Some Bear Hunting Lodgesare located on large tracts of private property where the bear live naturally. Other Bear Hunting Lodges are strategically located near national forests and public hunting units. Just as in any other travel option, the amenities provided for Bear Hunts can differ greatly. Some provide luxurious bedrooms with private baths and gourmet meals, and others are remote camps or trailers that are truly “camp-style” hunting quarters. Most fall somewhere in between with rustic lodging, home-style meals and a warm friendly atmosphere a true hunter will appreciate.

Often times, spring bear hunts can be combined with a trout fishing adventures once the hunter has tagged out on the bear hunt. With the benefit of the Internet, you can have a very good idea of what kind of accommodations you can expect because of photos and testimonials from other hunters. Always check references and be clear about where your hunting party will be sleeping. Some Bear Hunting Lodges may have an impressive main lodge but hunters sleep in a bunk house with other hunters. To avoid any possible misunderstanding, clear communication in writing is always advised.