Bow Hunting Equipment: The Essentials You Need For a Successful Hunt

If you are new to the sport of bow hunting, you may be wondering what hunting gear you need to carry with you. Here are the 5 key items to consider:

1. Hunting Crossbow or Compound Bow: Pretty obvious, but the first place to start is with the bow. You have two options when it comes to picking your primary piece of hunting equipment.

A compound bow is a vertical bow that will use a cam or elliptical system on the ends of the bow to help bend the limbs. The levering mechanism on a compound bow helps reduce the amount of force required to hold the string at full draw. As a result, it gives a hunter more time to focus on the shot. Another option is the crossbow.

A crossbow is a horizontal, mechanical bow that has a bow mounted on a stock (or stick). A crossbow is not limited by the strength of the hunter and therefore can be a good choice for hunters of varying age, size and strength.

2. Arrows/Bolts: You will need some arrows, or projectiles, to use with your bow. Arrows can be made of different materials, typically aluminum, carbon or a combination of the two. The arrows are also available in varying lengths and stiffness. To pick which arrow is best for you, you’ll want to look at the draw weight and draw length for your particular bow.

The arrow-like projectiles that are used with a crossbow are referred to as bolts. These will also come in varying styles so it’s good to test a few to see what type works best for you.

3. Crossbow Scope: If your bow of choice is a crossbow, you will typically need a crossbow scope to accompany it. There are different types of scopes available, including red dot and laser scopes. The benefit of the scope is that it can help compensate for the affect of gravity on your shot.

4. Camouflage: Critical to success as a bow hunter is staying out of sight from the deer. After all, if the deer catches even a glimpse of you, you will never have any success. So pick a good camo jacket, camouflage pants or bibs and apply some face paint. These will all help you stay hidden from the deer and the camo jacket and pants will give you the added benefit of being comfortable while sitting outside in the elements all day.

5. Scent Killer: In addition to the camouflage gear discussed under #4 above, you will also want to invest a few dollars in a scent-killer spray. This one item will probably give you the greatest return on your investment. You can spend hundreds of dollars on the best bow hunting equipment, but if you can’t get within close proximity of your target you’ll have no success as a hunter.

There are definitely a lot of additional items that you can bring on your next hunting trip, but these 5 essentials will be a good start for your bow hunting needs. A great location and well-planned hunting strategy will be the perfect complement to your equipment and will ultimately be the secret to your success.