Bow Hunts – Planning For an Awesome Bow Hunt

Bow Hunts – Just like a Boy Scout, you’ve got to be prepared for Successful Bow Hunts! Because a bowhunter must be able to get within range of the deer, turkey, hog or whatever is being hunted, the hunter must take very special care in planning bow hunts.

The illusive Whitetail Deer has amazing senses of smell, hearing and sight and will know you are there unless you have made special precautions to cover your scent, become invisible, and be VERY QUIET. If you get good enough to be in range of a whitetail deer, then other game should not be quite so challenging. So prepare for whitetail and other bow hunts should be within those guidelines.

Successful bow hunts start with daily habits you may not have thought about. First, address the phenomenal ability of a whitetail deer to ‘wind’ a human. NO SMOKING, and some people even avoid coffee prior to bow hunts. What are you washing your hunting clothes in? Is your deodorant scented? Do your hunting boots, well, smell like hunting boots? What did you eat for breakfast at camp (Hopefully nobody decided to cook bacon for breakfast if you are bow hunting!) Perfumed washing powder, scented shampoos and soaps can be a killer for bow hunts. In addition to covering your scent, there are hundreds of products designed to attract the trophy to your area. Find out what works best for the time of year you are planning to go bow hunting. Doe pee might not be so effective if you are not hunting during the rut.

Next, because you have to get within range for bow hunts think about being invisible. The camo clothes manufactures have made this much easier than it used to be. Primarily consider what your hunting environment and habitat are, and then plan accordingly. Rid yourself of shiny or reflective areas on your equipment. Wear camo hats and face masks. The more you blend with the habitat around you, the better your chances of successful bow hunts. If you are using a tree stand, make sure the placement is well-planned to be out of sight, yet in a game traffic area. Be sure to remove any limbs and branches that might defelct your arrow.

Lastly, practice being very quiet not only getting to your stand, but also during your bow hunts. Use quiet equipment, soft, quiet clothing, walk quietly, wear quiet foot-gear, and get good at moving to your hunting area very early and very quietly. If you suffer with allergies, make sure you take an antihistamine before bow hunts. It’d be a shame to spot a nice trophy deer just in time to start a sneezing attack!

In addition to being quiet during bow hunts, also learn the techniques of calling deer with calls or horn rattling. Your pro bow hunting guide knows what techniques work best for the deer in their area. The most effective techniques will change with the season and the wind.

Even taking these kinds of hunting precautions won’t promise successful bow hunts, but your chances increase as your skills improve! Bowhunting can be very rewarding, precisely because of the skill, hard work and planning that go into rewarding bow hunts.