Buying Ground Blinds for Hunting

With countless distinct styles of hunting ground blinds picking just 1 is really a daunting task. A hunting ground blind is employed to give shooters and hunters coverage while hunting prey from the comfort of a little to huge house-like structure making them invisible (maybe not invisible but covered) to deer. When looking for a ground blind one of the most important issues to keep in mind is what size of blind do you want for your hunt. Smaller blinds work well for rifle hunting but in the event you plan on bow hunting you’ll need a larger blind that has enough room for you to draw your bow. You’ll also want to take into account the terrain of the area that you’ll be hunting in and get a blind which will blend into the area. Blinds range from chair blinds, modest shooting houses, and big multi-purpose hunting blinds.

Chair Blinds

Chair blinds work good when rifle hunting in areas that need some hiking or when your travel distance is longer. A chair hunting blind doesn’t provide much room for anything but your self and you will most likely have to wear some type of face mask since most do not have front screens or mesh coverings. A plus to chair blinds is that they give you great portability and comfort with out weighing a ton.

Modest Ground Hunting Blinds

These hunting blinds tend to be pyramid shaped and have an average footprint of around 60×60. Small blinds work well for rifle or shotgun hunting of deer and turkey but you’re limited when bow or crossbow hunting because of the pyramid design. Most are offered in a wide range of camo choices so it is essential to know your hunting area so you can blend proper in. The average weight of these smaller blinds is generally less than 10 lbs making them excellent for shorter travel distances or hunters with bad backs. 1 of the far more common blinds inside the little portable ground blind category is the Ameristep Outhouse featuring the standard pyramid design and weighing in at around 10 lbs. it’s a ideal example a portable ground blind.

Huge Hunting Ground Blinds

Larger ground blinds for hunting are great for the hunter who does not need to carry their blinds over lengthy distances or they have access to the hunting spot by motor vehicle. These hunting blinds are larger in size and weight but will work for practically all forms of rifle and bowhunting. The most well-known of these blinds feature mesh windows that you are able to shoot through so there’s no must unzip anything when that big buck comes walking by. Average weight of these blinds is around 16 lbs. but can reach upwards of 25 lbs based upon size and construction material so be careful when searching for cheap ground blinds.

A recommended hunting ground blind is the Ameristep Doghouse ground blind. The Doghouse blind is 60×60 making it in the lower range of the big blinds but weighing in at only 14 lbs. it makes an excellent choice for the hunter wanting both portability and hunting room.