Duck Hunting Games Online

There are several places to find duck hunting games on the internet, in video arcades and for home game consoles. Some of these games are gory and very realistic, while others are almost cartoonish and designed for kids.

When I was young we played a game called Duck Hunt on the Nintendo 8 bit system that was released in the mid 1980s. Since their release in the 1970s, video games and duck hunting games have evolved dramatically.

My first Nintendo had a little gray laser light gun where I could shoot funny ducks on the TV screen. If you look at duck hunting games of today, they are almost real and true to life.

Games at the arcade are so difficult to play and very expensive to play. Most of the arcades do not have duck hunting games back from the nostalgic era.

Video arcades make most of their money from modern advanced video games with super 3d graphics and lifelike simulations. Duck hunting games and other classic video games do not stand a chance to make money unless it is someone who is just playing for the nostalgic effect. Modern video games are all about violence and entertainment value rather than just pure fun.

It can cost several dollars to play some of the more recent video arcade games. I can’t even remember when every video game was a quarter. That’s back when I was a kid like 20 years ago!

Playing duck hunting games and other Nintendo games when I was younger was alot of fun, but also a huge waste of time. I was so addicted to video games at one point that I rode my bike almost 5 miles on a Sunday to the greatest arcade in the city. It is too bad that the video game in a modern day arcade are so new and expensive compared to the old school video games I grew up with.

I no longer play any video games on my computer or Playstation because I sold my system on craigslist. When I saw that my sister and her friends where completely addicted to playing video games, I vowed not to become a lazy person like that.

Playing duck hunting games for a few minutes is a good way for me to escape and have fun. It is not like playing Halo where I would play for hours and totally disrupt my daily and weekly routine because I had to finish the next level.