Fishing Charters – Finding the Right One for Your Vacation

If you are thinking about hiring a fishing charter for your next vacation, it’s crucial to hire the right company to make the outing a fun adventure. Chartered fishing is an expensive recreational activity, it could be very disheartening to not receive what you expect from the investment.

Decide when and where you want to fish, the species you want to catch, the kind of boat you are looking for, and the duration of trip. The major factors that influence your answers to these above questions are your taste, preferences, budget and the number of people who are going fishing with you. New Orleans offers many fishing hotspots and has many captains who provide their boat and services for your fishing trip. Try these tips to identify the right charter that will ideally suit your needs.

* Decide the budget range. Many people look for cheap deals, but that could turn into a disaster because as mentioned earlier, fishing is an expensive recreational activity and getting together all the gear, purchasing licenses and maintaining equipment are certain fixed costs. If you obtain a deal too cheap, then it is quite probable that the operator compromises somewhere in his business, either in services or in quality of gear. One should not be too keen on saving a few extra hundred bucks; it could turn a trip into a disaster.

* Ensure that your captain is licensed and experienced. A licensed captain means that United States Coast Guard has issued a license certifying the skill set that he possess. He can handle the equipment, navigation and emergency situations which could arise.

* Find a capable guide. Choosing the right captain is very crucial for the success of your fishing trip because he is the one who will suggest the fishing ground. He will spend time with you in a confined space for hours. Look for someone well versed with local waters, friendly and passionate about angling.

* Understand your own needs. You should be aware of your own expectations out of this trip. Is it a trip to spend some good time family? How much money can you really afford to pay, inshore or offshore fishing?

A few crucial points to keep in mind before booking a charter are:

* Size and speed of boat. The boat shouldn’t be too congested for your group size. Look for one large enough to prevent seasickness and powerful enough to minimize travel time.
* Adequacy and quality of the fishing gear. No one wants to lose “the big one” because of a flimsy rod or insufficient reel.
* Boating safety. Familiarize yourself to the procedures on the boat. Make sure each member of your group understands the procedures, too.

Check the website of the charter and look out for customer reviews both on that site and on others. Try to book a charter from an agency as it is rarely more expensive than the private booking and ensures the credibility of both boat and the captain.