Fun and Cheap Activities for Easter

Easter time is coming; most children are excited to go egg hunting. Parents and grandparents are looking for cheap yet fun activities this Easter. Make their Easter break memorable; spending quality time with your children is very important.

Here are some fun Easter activities for your children:

Create your own Easter Eggs
Get some eggs and pin picks the egg on top and at the bottom and blow the content inside it. Grab some paint and then let your child mess up by painting all the eggs in their desired colors. Let your children decorate the eggs with paints, ribbons, glue and glitters and leave the eggs to dry.

Easter egg hunting
This activity has been done for generations. Try to look for some free Easter egg hunting organized by your local government. There are lots of establishment that has great Easter egg hunts taking place during Easter. You can also organize your own Easter egg hunts; just hide loads of eggs in your house and garden. Then invite your kid’s friends and provide each kid a basket. Then let the egg hunting begins, let them find as many eggs as they can in an hour. Whoever gets the most number of eggs wins and gets a price.

Family Day
Every Easter some local amusement parks, Zoo’s and park are providing family activities that the community would enjoy. Make Easter time a family time. Take your family to the nearest Zoo or animal park. Kids would love to see their favorite animals. You can also take your family into a movie house, but make sure that you choose an appropriate movie for kids.

Online Easter egg hunt games
There are also some child safe and friendly online games which offer a wide variety of Easter fun for kids. From the Easter bunny and Easter Bingo, your kids’ wills surely have loads of fun with all the online games available.

Treasure Hunt Game
Hide some stuffs inside the house and garden, invite some friends and relatives to come over and join the fun. You can use little toys or chocolate eggs and you can even make your own homemade treasure balls. Provide some easy treasure maps to give the kids some clues or riddles to solve and find their price; just don’t make it too tough for kids to solve.

Taking some break to spend time with your kids is very important to establish a good family relationship. Always remember that family time is necessary especially for a growing kid.