Hunter Boots

Hunter is a brand that has been providing handcrafted quality foot and outerwear for people for almost 160 years. Hunter is known for their comfortable, knee-high rubber boots that protects people from walking on extremely wet muddy grounds or around industrial chemicals.

Hunter Boots are stylish rain boots for men and women and have been nominated by royalty officials twice. In the start of their career they provided the royalty household with boots for up to 5 years and they haven’t changed their techniques of creating the best boot for their customers.

The designers of the Hunter Boots use 28 pieces to manifest such an incredible product. In creation of the boot they start with a non-slip sole and working its way up with grand rubber to help protect people feet from changes of weather. The boots are popular in the European and Chinese culture and are a fashion item seen on many runways.

Hunter Boots come in various styles that fit the needs of every type of person in need of boots. They have styles made for men women and children.

They’re styles for women are: original boots, riding boots, field boots, and heels.

Original boots: Traditional styled boots made of rubber. Used for general wear, yet stylish and can be worn to stay in fashion.

Riding boots: Have a quilted texture combined with the classic rubber for waterproof protection and made with a slimmer leg and wider ankle.

Field Boots: Made from a new soft rubber compound with high traction and mud-release.

The men boots are categorized into: original boots, field boots, and lace up boots.

Original Boots: Engineered look with a textured ribbed leg. Made for general wear due to its original style features.

Field Boots: Performance boot made with an Argyll sole for grip for rough surfaces.

Lace Up Boot: Designed with matte rubber. Different from the other style with its laces, but it is still waterproof and wearable during any type of weather.

Kids have two styles to choose from based off the age range:

Toddlers (5-13 months): Rain boots with an original style but made for smaller feet with various colors made for boys and girls. Kids (1-6): Rain boots for high and low legs with fashionable sizes and made for boys and girls.

Over the years Hunter Boots have been redesigned to stay in style with the many changes of fashion and also to continue to provide quality boots for all generations. The boots don’t wear out easily because the designers are constantly ensuring they have the best materials that can remain in tact during any type of weather.

Hunter Boots can seem a bit pricey, but they are worth the purchase because they will not wear out on you if worn to many times. They are great gifts for everyone in your family because they will always protect one’s feet from the wet muddy grounds as well as chemically infused grounds that might surface about. As the holidays continue to come in it’s not too late to get a pair of boots for yourself or someone you love that will last a lifetime and beyond.