Hunting & Ice Fishing Houses That Are Portable

Ice fishing houses, portable canvas enclosures for hunting, these are things that have been around for centuries, but these days they are becoming well known, and those who love the outdoors are finding that this is a better way to enjoy it. On top of that, these enclosures are quite durable, making them great for weatherproof shelter, and ice fishing houses.

The toughest weather conditions stand up to marine upholstery namely Aqualon Marine Canvas, a high grade canvas fabric that is made of: Vinyl Coated Polyester Canvas at 9 ounces per square yard and a two-ply polyester duck double coated with a pigmented vinyl resin on the top side. This means, TOUGH. The underside is coated with a durable water resistant finish and is usually white in color. This gives an excellent dimensional stability and weight to strength ratio.

In terms of ice fishing houses, these portable semi-permanent structures spend long periods of time, sometimes months on the ice left to weather the storms and thaws. The quality of canvas construction icehouses remains flexible in all climates as well as the color will not rub off. It is resistant to mildew, abrasions, water penetration, most petroleum products, ultra-violet rays, a wide range of acid and alkaline liquids and it will not crack, peel or harden.

The climate in the north and south both call for the canvas shelters. There are two different reasons for this, but both reasons are quite important. Believe it or not, even in the heat of the desert canvas stays cool and provides adequate shade. It even blocks out the sun while remaining breathable and permitting moisture to penetrate it’s thick construction. In contrast, it stays warm and holds heat in the coldest of weather.

Such shelters can be used as hunting enclosures too. If you are concerned with them being too visible, then do not fear, as they can be camouflaged with ease! In fact it is so easy that many military organizations use these in the field. You don’t need to worry about having a hunting cabin or a shack to take shelter in. All you need is the “Wall Tent”, as they come in all different shapes and sizes. They will stand up to the weather and bring you through any situation.

All Big Wall Tents are built to last with heavy-duty canvas and reinforcements at all stress points. With its easy setup and roomy design, the Big Wall Tent is an easy choice for any hunter, camper or outdoor enthusiast. The fabric has a breathable, “dry” treatment for mildew and water repellency. Included with the Wall Tent model: Stove Pipe Shield (5″/6″ roof – front right corner as entering the tent), Sod cloth – vinyl laminated nylon, double zippered door (#10 HD zippers), Window – 18″ x 24″ with zippered canvas weather flap, Stakes – 12″ Durapeg (high impact resin), Guy Ropes & Tighteners, Tent and Stake Bags, Ridge Pole Openings, 12″ Overlap Canvas Door with Side Release Buckles In & Out, and a Heavy Duty canvas reinforcements on ends and peaks.

Ice fishing is extremely popular, especially in the northern most areas. It is simply easier to set up a canvas tent than it is to trek to a cabin or other type of shelter. These take up far less space and can be transported easily. They can even sit on a snowmobile sled. Four people can sit in these shelters and fish without a problem, meaning that you can take all of your gear to any fishing spot. You don’t have to worry about it being overly cramped, because it is indeed tall enough to stand up in. There are two different versions out there, from a heavy canvas build, to a lighter and more portable version.

In sum, these structures are perfect for your next hunting or fishing season around the corner and are much more custom created than that of your local outdoor retailer. Invite your friends to your own shelter, there’s room enough for four or more in many and they will see just what a canvas-crafted shelter is all about and how easy it is to operate. They can be shipped UPS or FEDEX, thrown in the back of a truck when packed up, and hauled by a quad (4-wheeler) or sled. For winter months, all are easily equipped with proper venting to accommodate for a portable generator to be used inside with a heater or cooking system. Make it an outdoor party! Create Canvas shelters and get geared up for your next ice fishing, hunting or outdoor adventure with the canvas shelter you need.