Improve Hunting Success With These Deer Hunting Tips

f you are a long time hunter you may find these deer hunting tips a bit obvious, but they are basics that can be reviewed, and some things beginners need to learn before they go out. If you’re a beginner you should know there’s more to deer hunting than walking into the woods and just finding a trophy deer to shoot. A certain amount of preparation is required, a level of discipline is necessary, and certain safety rules to be learned and applied, but the tips discussed here will help you have a truly enjoyable and prosperous hunt.

1. Essential Safety Tips:

Be sure to refrain from consuming anything alcoholic before or during the hunt.

Never depend on your gun’s safety – act like it’s loaded and ready to shoot at all times.

Never under any circumstance jump a ditch, climb a stand or a tree or cross a fence with any loaded gun.

Be completely sure your target is a deer and is legal prior to pulling the trigger.

2. Tips on How to Successfully Hunt A Deer:

Get An Early Start – Many hunters like to spend the entire day in the woods, but the most likely times to bag a deer are sunrise and sunset. They are more likely to come out of the thick brush during the early morning and late pre-dusk hours for feed. With this in mind, you need to be in your deer stand or blind well before daylight begins in the mornings and well before it starts to get dark at night. This will allow you the time you need to get set-up and ready before the deer begin to move around. It is very discouraging and frustrating to get to your hunting area and chase a trophy buck away as you are climbing into your stand or blind. This is especially true if you do not see another deer anytime during the rest of your hunt.

Eliminate Scents – It is important to remember that deer can smell scents very easily, so do what is necessary to eliminate any human or unnatural odors. Things that would smell good to a human are usually signs of danger for a deer. This means you do not want to use deodorant, cologne, perfume, after shave, or soaps that are scented or meant to deodorize. Prior to going on your hunt, wash the clothing you will have on in an unscented detergent or with plain water. Due to how sensitive a deer sense of smell is, they will be frightened off by the slightest scent.

Do Not Move – While you are in a stand or a blind, you have to do your best to stay as still as possible. If you do have to move, make your movements very slowly. One of the hardest things for me to learn to be a successful hunter was how to slowly look from side to side as I sat for hours in a deer stand in the freezing cold. Sudden movements quickly attract the attention of deer and can easily scare them away before you even get to see them.

Be Quiet – One of the most important things you can do to have a successful deer hunt is to remain silent. There have been various occasions and disappointing moments when I scared a deer away with the slightest of sounds. Deer have more sensitive ears than you would think. They become very cautious and wary when they hear a human voice or any kind of unnatural sound. If you are hunting with a partner or in a group, make sure you talk in as low of a whisper as possible and, if possible, rely on hand signals for communication. You also have to be careful not to hit you gun or binoculars or your metal stand or clang the two together.

The aforementioned tips are really simple basics, and while there is a great deal more out there, if you follow these basic deer hunting tips, you’ll find your chances of success are dramatically increased.