Lion Hunting: To Do or Not To Do

You must be aware of the famous soliloquy by Prince Hamlet ‘to be or not to be’ in the famous drama ‘Hamlet’ written by renowned English poet and dramatist William Shakespeare. Well, the lion hunting enthusiasts are wobbling in the same dilemma after Cecil lion controversy: to plan lion hunting or not to plan lion hunting. They are also not able to decide which company that should choose for hunting big beasts. People, all over the world, are divided on this point whether trophy hunting should be continued or there should be a permanent ban on the killing of lions.

Before we dig deeper into ‘to do or not to do lion hunting, it is better to know the Cecil controversy in detail. This will help you understand the background of the outrage people expressed on various social media after the killing of the protected lion Cecil. Walter James Palmer, a dentist in the Minneapolis suburb of Bloomington, hired local guides for an early summer hunting trip in Zimbabwe. And Palmer used an arrow to hit a lion that authority said was tempted from a wildlife preserve. They tracked the wounded animal for 40 hours before it was shot dead with a gun according to Rodriguez, the chairman of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force. So, it was a clear cut case of illegal hunting.

In the backdrop of outrage, Rob Dunham, a renowned Outfitter, defended all legal and ethical trophy hunting and its positive impacts on the local areas and people. Legal sport hunting, if regulated properly, is regarded as a good way to manage wildlife. The revenues from hunting can be used for conservation programs and finance incentives for local communities to guard protected species. His company organizes trips that include African lion hunts. Rob Dunham said in a discussion over Cecil lion killing,
“To excuse the pun, the lion’s share goes to the community.”
He further said,
“There are strict rules that governing the hunt that a government game scouts must accompany a group every time their vehicle leaves camp.”

So, if you want to go for a lion hunt in South Africa, you should always choose the company that is experienced enough to organize a lion hunt as per the rules. As hunting in Zimbabwe is allowed in safari areas, forestry areas, game ranches, and communal lands, you can plan trophy hunting in this African country without any worry.