Montana "Big Sky Country" Offers Incredible Big Game Hunts

Montana’s vast wilderness areas provide incredible habitat for a variety of wildlife – Big game that hunters love to hunt! The mountainous regions hold big game such as Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, Bear, Moose, Mountain Lion, Mountain Goat and Wolves. But turkey, upland birds and waterfowl also provide very popular and exciting hunts. Bird hunts are very often a great way to reward valued clients and share camaraderie – much like a round of golf. And don’t forget your fishing pole, because Montana has incredible streams, rivers and lakes that are loaded with a huge variety of fish!

There are a lot of choices to consider when planning a Montana hunting trip – including what game to hunt, the best timing in the season for that animal, what weapon to use, what kind of terrain suits your fitness level, and whether to hunt public or private land and what method (spot and stalk or still hunting). The Montana guides and outfitters listed here on World Class Outdoors can guide you through making the right decisions to insure your success and also help you in obtaining the necessary licenses and tags for each hunt.

When you invest in a hunting trip, getting the best value for your dollar and return on your time investment are very important. It’s about enjoying the entire hunting experience, including the company you are hunting with, the beauty surrounding you and the challenge of the hunt. Montana, aka “The Big Sky State” has no shortage of hospitality and natural beauty that will thrill any hunter’s heart.

Depending on the season and game, rifle, shotgun, primitive weapons including muzzleloader or bow are permitted for Montana hunts. When traveling from another area, be sure to check your weapon to insure the sites are in place and that your optics are in good condition once you arrive at your hunting destination.

Montana is a state known for promoting fair chase hunting. As a matter of fact, high fence operations are banned in the state. And the DNR strictly police other illegal form of hunting and poaching. Hunting season dates are subject to change, so it’s always good to be aware of the opening and ending dates of the seasons. That exact information can be obtained from our Montana Outfitters and Guides or the state’s DNR, but below is a rough schedule of seasons, due to change depending on game management:

* Antelope: Mid August – Mid November
* Bison (Buffalo) Mid November: Mid February
* Spring Black Bear: Mid April
* Fall Black Bear: Mid September
* Deer and Elk: September – November
* Waterfowl: October – January
* Moose and Mountain Goat: Mid September – November
* Mountain Lion: September – Mid April
* Turkey: Both Spring and Fall options are available
* Wolf: September – Mid February

So if you are dreaming of a true “Hunt of a Lifetime”, Montana offers just what you are looking for! Many hunters take their families, establishing a rich tradition that can continue for generations. Montana allows youth hunting with the proper regulations and license. So if you have younger siblings, children, or just friends, be sure and take them on your hunting trip!

Montana is and incredible place to hunt, but also offers a variety of activities for all nature lovers. Hiking, biking, camping, fishing, kayaking, horseback adventures, and the list goes on. Montana is the perfect outdoor epic adventure. Fall is the best time for boating, floating and even wildlife viewing of that’s what you like to do. It is famous for the thousands and thousands of public acres of land it holds. So head on outdoors and go see the great Montana. Just remember to stay safe and use all the safety precautions you can while hunting or fishing. So, grab the family and friends and come to Montana for those unforgettable memories you will make while in Montana!