Online Duck Hunting Games

There are several places to find duck hunting games on the internet, in video arcades and for home game consoles. Some of these games are gory and very realistic, while others are almost cartoonish and designed for kids.

When I was young we played a game called Duck Hunt on the Nintendo 8 bit system that was released in the mid 1980s. Since their release in the 1970s, video games and duck hunting games have evolved dramatically.

Nintendo duck hunting games are nostalgic now with the plastic gray light gun. Today’s games are so real and 3d that it almost feels like you are part of the game.

When you go to the video arcade, the games are very complicated and expensive. I have not found an arcade that has duck hunting games like they use to have back in the 1990s.

The graphics in old school duck hunting games are outdated compared with modern video games that simulate situations in life with almost pure reality. These new shooting games are so real that you almost feel like you are part of the video game. Video games now are more about making money and shooting things violently than having fun with your friends for a few hours.

Spending a few dollars to play a video game at a modern day arcade is pretty much the norm today. I still remember playing most video games for only 25 cents although some of the more expensive games cost one dollar at most.

I just wish that I could find a video arcade somewhere that had more of the classic games like I used to play when I was growing up. One time I even rode my bike over three and a half miles to get to this huge video arcade. I just wish I had not wasted so much time playing duck hunting games and other Nintendo games.

I recently sold my Xbox on Ebay and no longer play Nintendo games at all at home. I’ve seen that my friends and brother become so addicted to these video games that it consumes their whole lives and I never want to be a couch potato like that.

Playing a video game here and there to relieve stress is ok just as long as it is not a part of my daily routine. Duck hunting games can be played in a couple of minutes and are not like World of Warcraft where you just play for hours on end.