Quail and Other Hunting Is A Way of Life In The State of Georgia

Since man invented the shotgun, hunters have roamed all over Georgia going quail hunting! Much like Alabama Quail Hunting there is a strong tradition for hunting the tasty flying bird known as the quail. Georgia hunters love to bird hunt, and it shows. The Georgia Quail hunting season runs mid November-late February (Limit 12 per Hunter).

Almost 300,000 hunters registered in Georgia in 2008. Not only is hunting a sport but it is a way of life in Georgia as hunters often have to hunt to feed their family all year long. Besides Bobwhite quail, wild turkeys are a plentiful fowl in Georgia hunted late March through mid May! The turkey limit in Georgia is three per hunter! Turkeys love to follow the rivers and streams near woodlands and will emerge in the wide open at times when you least expect it. I would consider the turkey, the fox of the bird kingdom… and in Georgia is a “fox”that is well hunted.

Waterfowl love the Georgia swamps that welcome duck, pheasants, dove and geese the year. Be careful when hunting around the swamps of Georgia, there’s a few birds you need to know about due to their endangered species designations. The one that comes to mind first is the woodcock. The careful and know what the woodcock looks like. Georgia game wardens are notoriously sneaky, not to mention you want to take care of the environment.

Marsh hens are a popular food source for hunters and a larger bird that keeps well in the freezer. You can’t forget about crows, they are always a pest to the local Georgia folk! Hunting regulations in Georgia say you can kill as many as you want. Go, shoot some crow, and have fun!

You can even find alligator hunting in South Georgia! What an adventure! There is plenty more hunting in Georgia though! Of course everyone knows that deer hunting is big in Georgia. There is also bear hunting in the north Georgia mountains for the more adventurous!

Another animal, the wild hog, is invading the state of Georgia and you can hunt year around for it on private land! The wild hog is uprooting roots and destroying much habitat that other species need for survival! Wild boar also have a bad habit of destroying gardens and fences throughout the north Georgia mountains.

It is the hunting that I’m most interested in the state of Georgia. I grew up quail hunting in the Northeast Alabama mountains, and I love to do the same thing in Georgia! I particularly like to eat quail. Even though it doesn’t have a lot of meat, it takes real good. I will keep it simple and marinate the breast in a sweet barbecue sauce with fresh garlic for a few hours. Can I get the skillet grill hot, and add a little olive oil. I would then add the quail after the oil is really high and cook it to a golden brown. Delicious! Nothing beats a belly full of quail on a Georgia Saturday night!

Georgia quail hunting is very popular because the habitat for bobwhites is perfect. The grassy marshes of Georgia swamp land to the nutrient rich cornfields provide a bounty of food for the birds. Georgia is teeming with birds and other wildlife. The hunting is good.

There is nothing greater than quail on the bob on your next hunting trip! You will have a hard time finding quail in the state of Georgia. They are everywhere, and the best way to find locations to hunt is at wingshootingdestinations.com.