Starting A Farm In Kentucky

Kentucky remains one of the most prestigious rural vacation destinations. It is the perfect place to spend the holiday. If you are tired of the regular urban vacation recreation, Kentucky will be the place for you to experience a new way to have leisure. This state is endowed with lots of scenic spots that will appeal to every vacationer.

The state is noted for the things that everyone goes to rural America to see. There are lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, timber land, trails, ranches and cattle. Many people come to Kentucky to enjoy these natural endowments. They want to experience nature and what it holds for them.

Of late, many people have been going to this state to have a feel of dude ranches. A dude ranch is simply a residential facility in rural Kentucky that houses the city dweller. It affords the conveniences of a city life and at the same time presents rustic rural America. Many of these ranches have become luxurious lodgings at which guest could stay and partake of what rural America has to offer. As a guest, they are able to work the fields with the host family, rear the cattle together, feed them, do horse riding, go fishing or simply watch the cowboys manage the cattle.

As outdoor sports become popular among Americans, a rural setting becomes the preferred place for many to spend their leisure time. Here they can be able to pursue fishing, hiking, kayaking or hunting without much inconveniencies.

With all these factors, it will be a worthwhile investment if you could set up a ranch or a farm in Kentucky. You will have several benefits to derive from this investment. First, you would be able to offer dude ranch facilities for guest. You can also have lots of agricultural land to do farming. There is the cattle rearing opportunity and lastly residential facility.

If you have access to cheap land, you can start a new ranch. You can build one from the ground. We have put some few tips here to get you started.

First the location. You will have to get a place that will support your farm activities. You will need access to water so a nearby river, creek or stream will be very good. The area will also have to be scenic so that in future if you choose to sell off the property it will fetch a bigger price. Again, a scenic farm will invite more dude ranch seekers.

You will need to determine if the soil type will support high volume grazing. The grass needs to grow again quickly so that you can bring back the cattle for pasture. If you are going to build your ranch there, you will need to take advantage of the natural soil fertility even if you will be applying manure.

Next is the total acreage of land. Every type of land will command its own need. For a dude ranch, you will need a large tract of land. This is because you are going to use the land for three main activities – cattle rearing, dude ranch and horse breeding.

Be sure to check the legalities involved in the building residential properties in the area. Many parts of the rural area have been earmarked for special activities. You will have to consult with the local authorities to determine what you can do or not do in certain areas.

A log home or cabin house provides a good impression of a truly western rural home. You can get qualified builders in the locality to give you an estimate and plans. Log homes are very attractive to dude ranch seekers. They give the property a rustic, country look than conventional houses.

Building a farm or a ranch from scratch has it own challenges but it pays off in the long run. You are able to use the land as you want and then put up structures that best meet your interest.