Texas Deer Hunting Leases

Texas is the second largest state in the country which makes it a hunter’s playground; doing a simple online search will return to the hunter dozens of results about areas offering deer hunting leases. There is much to choose from and a hunter should choose very carefully; many of the leases are very specific to each place that is offering them, so there are some things to be familiar with:

Per Acre: This refers to the amount of land the hunter will be allowed to hunt. The hunter will purchase a certain number of acres, and he may hunt only those designated acres. There is no limit to the available acres that can be purchased.

Per Day: Many of the deer hunting leases in Texas are sold on a per day basis. This often happens when areas have less land available to the hunter, but this can often be better depending on what the hunter prefers. The agreement will designate the hour you may begin, and must end hunting.

Hunt Clubs: There are many clubs in Texas that own land just for the purpose of hunting. Sometimes they will lease their land to visitors. While this can be a great opportunity, leases from hunt clubs often have a few more stipulations than normal. Be sure to understand all the rules and regulations you are signing on; there may be restrictions on hours, locations, and tags that you need to be aware of.

Bow vs. Gun: Some deer hunting leases will prohibit the use of a certain type of weapon. If the agreement states bow only, then don’t think to disobey the rule, heavy penalties and eviction from the property are likely punishments.

Nearly all of the deer hunting leases in Texas will require the hunter to follow all of the state and local laws. The possible exception to this rule maybe the hunt club leases; you may, or may not be required to have a tag, so be sure to ask a lot of questions.

Also, the restrictions of the lease will be applicable to all members of the hunting party, not just the hunter who signed his name, so be sure that everyone in the party knows and understands the rules. Hunting leases give both the hunter and the landowner a great opportunity, but always be sure the top priority is safety and respect, and gear up to bag a trophy buck!