The Garmin Handheld GPS Colorado 400i For Fresh Water Lakes

The Garmin Handheld GPS Colorado 400i is a perfect GPS receiver for Inland lake exploration. It comes pre-loaded with USA Inland Lake data. It also features a high sensitivity receiver, SD card slot, color display, electronic compass, barometric altimeter and picture viewer.

The Garmin Handheld GPS Colorado 400i allows you to share data wirelessly such as tracks, Geocaching info, routes or waypoints. You can have fun with friends sharing and keeping up with each others location without being with them if they also are Garmin users.

The Garmin Handheld GPS Colorado 400i comes with Inland Lake data that includes mapping details of shoreline details, depth contours, mile markers and boat ramps for thousands of lakes in the lower 48 states of the USA. A worldwide base map with imagery is also included.

The input wheel on the Colorado 400i allows one handed operation. With the input wheel you can show your photos of your adventure, or even customize data you have loaded in the Colorado 400i. The Colorado 400i is a very versatile, sophisticated handheld GPS.

The Colorado 400i has a high sensitivity WAAS enabled receiver. It will give you your precise location quickly and accurately. Tall buildings, heavy tree cover and deep canyons will not prevent you from receiving GPS signals for accurate readings.

The electronic compass built in the Colorado 400i gives you an accurate bearing whether you are moving or standing still. The barometric altimeter gives you an accurate altitude reading and by tracking barometric pressure over time you will be alerted to changing weather conditions. Safety is important on any outdoor excursion and changing weather can signal danger under many circumstances.

The SD card slot on the Colorado 400i allows you to plug in pre-loaded data of your choosing. You can use a street map for turn by turn instructions or can use a pre-loaded card of the backcountry for any outdoor adventure.

With 3-D viewing of pre-loaded maps you are able to view trail elevations for a more accurate idea of time needed to reach your destination. The card slot on the Colorado 400i is located in the battery compartment and is waterproof. The Colorado 400i is an ideal GPS unit for lake exploration or backcountry exploration.