The Turkey Hunting Blind Explained

In the matter of turkey hunting, camouflage will be the number one element that can make or break a hunt. Turkeys have both a fantastic sense of hearing and keen eyesight, so when the hunter thinks he’s completely hidden, if a turkey catches a flash of bright undergarment or arrow, the hunt can end fast. Using a turkey hunting blind will be essential for any turkey hunt, though the hunter has a few options when choosing the right one, whether it be man-made or au natural.

Turkey hunting blinds are necessary to the hunt because they conceal the hunter from the bird’s keen eyesight. Hunters often underestimate the bird’s ability to pick out the slightest variation in color, and this is most often the reason a hunter comes home empty-handed. The other major thing a blind allows is for the hunter to move around a bit more comfortably without giving up his location. Something else hunters often underestimate is the importance of comfort to a hunt. How can anyone be expected to sit out for hours on end without moving a muscle? A hunt will end much more quickly if the hunter is unable to adjust comfortably.

There are some things to look for when choosing the right blind for a turkey hunt. One important characteristic is that the blind be easy to setup and take down. Especially in the case of public hunting land, a hunter can’t be fumbling with his blind in the predawn hours scaring away all of the game in the area. Another important detail is that the blind also be quiet. Some lower quality blinds on the market are made with cheap material that will only work to the hunter’s disadvantage. The blind should not rustle, crinkle, or crackle in the setup or take down process. Another important thing to look for when searching for a hunting blind is that it is both lightweight, and camouflaged. It is no treat to have to lug a heavy blind in an out of the woods to hunt, and if the blind isn’t well camouflaged with the surroundings, it will be of no use.

The hunter also has two options in regards to types of blinds; a hunter can buy either a man-made blind that will come already camouflaged, or he can use a natural one. A natural blind could be as simple as hiding behind a tree or a stump, or as elaborate as constructing your own using natural vegetation in the area. The entire purpose of a blind is to better blend the hunter into surroundings and allow him to move a little more freely than if he were out in the open; regardless of the type of blind the hunter chooses, it should at least provide him these two things.