Tips On Turkey Hunting Gear – Important Aspect That Will Help You To Hunt Turkey Properly

Turkey hunting is really becoming popular recreation these days. It is surprisingly exciting even when you just started out; no wonder so many hunters get hooked into it. Anyway, turkey hunting gear is essential to have a better chance of capturing a turkey. And vests, fanny packs, and back packs are the usual choices for containing these gears. There are actually several types of vests, but a lot of hunters prefer the jacket styles.

These vests enable them to carry their hunting gears with just one packing. They are also very convenient and practical. The back packs, on the other hand, allow more space for the turkey hunting gear. So, hunters may carry more stuff aside from the basics. In addition, back packs can be used as backrests, as well.

Then, the fanny packs are quite similar to the back packs, but they are cheaper. Plenty of hunters like them because they provide easy access to the turkey hunting gear inside. These gears are mostly a shot gun, bullets, camouflage attire, and turkey calls. A turkey tag pencil, gloves, face mask, compass, knife, toilet papers, bug spray, snacks, and water are also brought along. But sometimes additional turkey hunting gear such as decoys, flashlight, map, binoculars, kits, two-way-radio, camera, and extra supplies are brought, as well.

An extra pair of gloves, for instance, is necessary. Not to mention, other pieces of camouflage clothing like face masks and hats. Being in the wild is dangerous when you are also still learning how to turkey hunt, and there is no guarantee that a hunter’s supplies will be enough. So, it is really important to have items in stock in case the main ones get lost or damaged.

Nevertheless, not every camouflage is identical. A hunter must remember to choose a camouflage outfit that will be appropriate for the season. For instance, in spring time, the plants and the leaves of trees have not yet grown. So, a camouflage with brown and gray patterns will be more suitable compared to another with green patterns. Moreover, a hunter must always keep in mind never to wear any piece of turkey hunting gear with white, blue and red colors. A hunter that wears such colors will not only be spotted by his quarry but will also be put in danger. These colors are similar to the heads of male turkeys, which are the actual targets. So, wearing anything in any of these colors will be like provoking other hunters to fire an aim.