What You Need To Know About Hunting Licenses In Canada

Hunting legally can play a vital role in preventing overpopulation of a species. This fact is based on many years of research and long-term monitoring by scientists. Hunters do offer a lot of their time, money, and effort to manage and conserve wildlife. In addition, unbeknownst to most, hunters often take part in a wide range of volunteer efforts that work towards ensuring that wildlife and their habitats that they live in are protected. In Ontario, the money that is collected from hunter license fees also contributes to the protection of wildlife.

Many people in Canada enjoy hunting. However, not everyone knows that you need to have a hunting license to do so. Here is some key information that you will need to know to obtain a hunting license online.


The requirements to hunt vary in different countries. To hunt in Canada, you will need to obtain a hunting version of the Outdoors Card and the relevant license tags or licenses. Specifically, in Ontario, to get a hunting license online, you need to be a resident of Ontario. In addition, you need to be at least 16 years of age. Furthermore, you need to have passed the Ontario Hunter Education Course examination, the Canadian Firearms Safety Course examination if hunting with a gun and have a valid hunting version of an Outdoors Card. Also, you are required to hold all the relevant licenses that include license tags, electronic licenses, and any other tags and seals that certify it is legal to hunt particular species. And last but certainly not the least, you must observe all the hunting regulations in your region. Always ensure that you are safe on your hunting trips by adhering to all local rules and regulations.


The cost of hunting licenses varies but generally ranges from $ 10 to $ 50. The price depends on the species that you will hunt and the period of time that your hunting license will be valid. There are licenses available for 1 or 2 years. Also, there are licenses that allow for legal hunting of wolves, deer, elk and moose.

Two types of hunters

To hunt in Ontario, you will need a hunting version Outdoors Card and the applicable license tags or licenses. Ontario recognizes two types of resident hunters, which are individuals who hunt with the use of a firearm and another who does not. In order to be one who hunts with a gun, you are needed to an Outdoors Card license under the Class H1 group, which allows you to hunt with all the methods that are permitted under the Conservation Act pertaining to Fish and Wildlife. If you wish to hunt without the use of a gun, go for the Class H2 category, which allows you to hunt with any possible means that does not need the use of a firearm.

Payment and time taken for application

Payment can be done online via credit card. Now that’s convenient isn’t it? Applying for a hunting license online will take approximately 10 minutes. It is quick, easy and fuss-free.

With just a little bit of time and research, you will be able to apply for the license successfully and obtain the required Outdoor Cards and begin hunting in no time!