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Easton Archery

Easton Archery is well-known in the field of bowhunting as the makers of the finest and most durable arrow shafts, not only in the country, but all over the world. Arrow shafts made by Easton Archery actually dominated the latest 2008 Olympics in Beijing, with majority of the professional archers using this brand of arrow shafts.

Easton Archery divides their arrow shafts into hunting arrows and target arrows. These arrow shafts are made of different materials and are available in several different designs, including fell metal jacket and camouflage designs.

For target arrows, you can choose from carbon core, alloy / carbon, carbon, and alloy shafts. Meanwhile, for hunting arrows, you have several choices, which include N-fused carbon, carbon core, alloy / carbon, carbon, alloy, and bolts shafts. Easton Archery’s pride is their N-fused carbon arrow shafts, which are the first arrow shafts actually made of carbon nanotubes. This material has been known to be more than 180 times stronger than steel. Thus, these arrow shafts are able to penetrate much more deeply that other arrow shafts, and the special material used makes the shaft stronger and more durable. The best part is that these arrow shafts are light weight and do not vibrate as much as other arrows. These are very important characteristics that you should consider when looking for good quality bowhunting arrows.

Easton Archery also produces several ST arrows, which are manufactured using Easton’s Slim Technology. These arrows have a small diameter, which allows for deeper penetration of the arrow and easier kill. At the same time, these arrows with small diameters also have diminished surface area, resulting in minimal wind drift compared to regular arrow shafts.

Aside from selling these durable arrow shafts, Easton Archery also produces useful hunting accessories. You can choose from several different inserts, fletching and nocks for your arrows. Quivers and stabilizers are likewise available. You can also protect your gear with their bow cases, travel cases, arrow totes and gear wallets. They also have special hunting tools, including wrenches, bow scales, arrow scales, string wax and mapping systems. Easton Archery also offers clothing for both men and women, which include caps, t-shirts and jackets. Aside from these, they also have books and DVDs that archery enthusiasts will definitely appreciate.

Easton Archery has a very useful website. The site has an online shaft se;ector, which helps you identify several different arrow shafts that you can use, depending on the kind of cam on your bow, the point weight, the bow weight and the arrow length. They also have recommendations on which shaft is best used, highlighting the fastest and most lightweight arrow shafts, and also the heavier arrow shafts that have better penetration. Aside from this, they also have practical safety tips and a beneficial FAQ section on their website.

Easton Archery is the trusted brand in arrow shafts. They offer arrows that are lightweight, durable and penetrate deeper than other arrows in the market today. You will surely feel the difference!